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Dukkah - Oils - Vinegar - Mustards - Sweets - Salt & Peppers - Spices

Organic Dukkah

What is Dukkah? Originating in the Middle East, it’s a dry roasted mixture of seeds, and often nuts, often eaten for breakfast with freshly baked flat bread. We have left out the nuts, as they are two sweet for our taste and we like to use Dukkah in many savoury dishes.

Our dukkah is special because we use only whole certified organic seeds and spices – they are dry roasted and batch produced by hand. We've made our dukkah packets small as we've found you have dukkah fads. With a small packet, the dukkah is used up while still fresh.

There are four flavours to choose from:
Attitude Foods - Dukkah's The most common way to use dukkah is to take some quality crusty bread, dip it into a quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil then into the dry dukkah dip ‘and enjoy the flavour’.

But don't limit yourself – Dukkah’s are very versatile – use them sprinkled over; salads, soups, stews, or in meat, poultry, and fish dishes. Or as a coating over vege patties.

Traditional Dukkah is great with pasta. Boil spaghetti, drain, add a good splash of olive oil and tip in a packet of dukkah. Stir well and serve. The mixture of textures and exotic flavours is delicious!
Fragrant Dukkah is wonderful as a coating for fish. Mix the dukkah with fresh or dry breadcrumbs and some finely grated lemon rind. Put the mix out on a flat plate. Coat your fish in egg, then with the dukkah bread crumb mix. Fry briefly on both sides before finishing off the cooking in a hot (200 degree) oven.
Arabian Dukkah is fantastic with chicken. Using a free range chicken, wipe it clean, using our hands smooth olive oil over the skin sprinkle, or coat heavily with, Arabian dukkah and Roast.
Chilli Dukkah Great with all the above if you like a bit of a chilli hum to your food.

For starters - Appetizers Pair Attitude Foods Organic Dukkah’s – with the beautiful aromas of our Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils and a separate bowl of our ‘hand picked Rosemary’ infused balsamic vinegar ‘which is nectar for the gods’, with a bowl of quality crusty fresh bread – A quick, smart instant nibble to snake on a sunny afternoon or in the evening with pre dinner drinks and wonderful friends

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