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Wholegrain Mustards

This is where the name “Attitude" came from. The first mustard batch was tasted by Rosie’s partner and chief taster‘Terry’ who said," Phew, that's got attitude." And so Attitude Foods was born.
Mustard wasn't a favorite until we started making it ourselves. Then we discovered the incredible difference between commercially produced mustard and handmade wholegrain mustard.

Our whole mustard seeds are soaked in vinegar before being mixed with just the right amount of fresh flavour ingredients to create interesting mustards. Soaking in vinegar makes the mustard less hot than soaking in water. We like the pungency of our mustard, you can still taste the flavouring and your food.

There are three flavours to choose from:

Attitude Foods - mustard Attitude Foods - mustard Attitude Foods - mustard
When our mustards are used cold ‘uncooked’ you get the full benefit of cidar vinegar, black and yellow mustard seeds, crushed raw ginger, crushed raw Horseradish and Organic NZ sea salt, as these ingredients are used ‘uncooked’ in our mustards.

We also use roasted NZ garlic, and locally picked, spray free, Kerikeri oranges and limes to create quality flavor and beautiful aromas.

Our Garlic and Lime & Horseradish Mustards, add a touch of class to any meal Use with cold meats, in sandwiches, or coat meat before cooking, to add fabulous flavor and texture.

Our Orange & Ginger Mustard can be used in salad dressings and sandwiches, or to add fabulous flavor to poultry and pork dishes. ‘Coat chicken or duck before cooking, to create a scrumptious treat.

Vegetarians: Try Attitude Foods Mustards in Tofu burgers or other.

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