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Infused Olive Oils

Our oils are ‘not’ heat infused, therefore you get the full benefit of a quality, imported, Spanish, extra virgin olive oil, when used cold over salads or cooked veges. Attitude Foods Oils are flavored with all natural ingredients. We use 100% pure lemon & lime oils, dried chilli & garlic.

Some suggest using canola oil as a carrier for the flavour. Although canola oil is considerably cheaper, we've found extra virgin carries the flavours brilliantly and gives a wonderful full mouth feel and flavour complexity.

Attitude Foods Lemon Infused Olive Oil - It takes about five and half lemons to create the lemon oil for one bottle of our lemon dipping oil.
Lime Infused Olive Oil - over six and half limes for the lime oil.
Garlic Infused oil - again, no stinting on flavour, we've used extra virgin olive oil and let the garlic steep in the bottle.
Chilli Infused oil - just the right amount of chilli for flavour; not too much so that it drowns out the taste of oil or anything you're having it with. Try it on Oysters when they're in season.
Lime & Chilli Infused oil - the best of both flavours - dynamic lime paired with a chilli hit.

I personally love the taste of Attitude Foods lemon oil, used instead of butter, on my salad sandwiches. You only need a sprinkle, to make this delicious treat. A little sprinkle adds a lot of flavor, and beautiful aroma.

For starters - Appitizers Pair Attitude Foods Organic Dukkah’s, with the beautiful aromas of our Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils and a separate bowl of our ‘hand picked Rosemary’ infused balsamic vinegar ‘which is nectar for the gods’, with a bowl of quality crusty fresh bread. A quick, smart instant nibble to snake on a sunny afternoon or in the evening with pre dinner drinks and wonderful friends

Every day food with attitude Roasting Heaven. The sight and smell of a platter of roasted vegetables is well-known to all Kiwis. We love roasts. Mix in a handful of Organic Roast vegetable Spice and pair this with a drizzle of one of Attitude Foods exquisitly Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Your family and friends may initially question your sanity but by the end of the meal their plates will be clean.

Seafood feast Utalise Attitude Foods naturally flavoured Lime, Chilli, Garlic and Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils to impart succulent flavours and beautiful aroma when grilling, baking, barbequing or frying the many wonderful fresh seafoods available in NZ. Try lime or lime & chilli oil with prawns, garlic or lemon oils with a strong white fleshed fish or NZ Tuna, and the suttle flavour of our Lime Infused Olive Oil with fresh NZ salmon. Team Attitude Foods Infused Olive Oils with our gourmet Salt and Pepper mixes and you can't go wrong.

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Attitude Foods - Oils

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