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Attitude Foods products

Dukkah - Oils - Vinegar - Mustards - Sweets - Salt & Peppers - Spices

We have a wide range of products, all bursting with flavour and made to make your life easier.

Attitude Foods - Dukkah's Attitude Foods - oils

Organic savoury
Dukkah’s dips and sprinkles

Enjoy these dry roasted seed and spice mixes; as dips with lunch time snacks, or pre dinner nibbles. Also sprinkled over soups and stews, or use as savouring toppings and coatings over meat and vege patties or other. ... read more

Exquisitly and naturally Infused
Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Attitude Foods naturally flavoured Lime, Chilli, Garlic and Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils impart succulent flavours and beautiful aroma when grilling, baking, barbequing or frying. – Also delectable when used cold in salad dressings, or with Attitude Foods Organic Dukkah dips. ... read more
Attitude Foods - Vinegar Attitude Foods - mustards

“A nectar to the gods” ‘hand picked Rosemary’ Infused Balsamic Vinegar

Use this wonderful nectar to caramalise and infuse beautiful sweet rosemary balsamic aromas and flavours into roasted pumpkin and meat dishes, or in salad dressings and marinades – ‘view our recipe’s page for more ideas’. ... read more

Yummy handmade
Wholegrain Mustards

Attitude Foods Wholegrain Mustards taste great when used as accompaniments to cooked and cold meats. Or Vegetarians try Attitude Foods Mustards in Tofu burgers and salad dressings. - ‘Three delectable flavours to choose from’. ... read more
Attitude Foods - spices Attitude Foods - Salt and pepper

Succulently delicious Organic Roasted Vegetable Spice

This seed and spice mix adds a new dimension to our beloved kiwi roast – ‘It’s made ready to use with no other seasonings needed’. ... read more

Gourmet salt & pepper mixes for seasoning “you’ll never go back”

Attitude Foods Horopito hit and Kaffir kick are gourmet Salt & Pepper mixes that take grilled, barbequed and marinated meats and vegetables to a new high. Or try the Italian flavours of Porcini powder paired with organic NZ sea salt in Attitude Foods ‘Porcini Salt’ to add an Italian twist to egg, tomato or pasta dishes. ... read more
Attitude Foods - Sweets  

And don’t forget the sweet treats…

Attitude Foods sweet and saucy page offers a selection of delicous ‘mostly organic’ chocolate sauces, a sinfully wonderful butterscoth sauce and devine organic hot chocolate drink. ‘Everything on this page is gluten free’. ... read more

Check out our individual product pages & recipes page for more product information and serving suggestions.

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