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Rosemary Chargrilled Vegetables


For the vege lovers !

An adapted recipe by
Attitude Foods!

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To make marinade:
Place oil, seasoning and vinegar in glass jar and shake well.

To prepare Vegetables:
Cut vegetables so that pieces are large enough not to fall through the grill.

Marinate the following veges
for 1 - 2 hours before cooking:

Courgettes - cut diagonally across the length into ½ inch thick slices
Onions – peel baby onions and leave whole. Slice larger onions from the top to the bottom in ¼ inch thick slices, leaving some of the root end attached to keep slices intact
Mushrooms – If larger than 3 inches across, slice in half or into thirds, otherwise leave whole.

Some vegetables will get soggy on the grill if they marinate too long. The following should be generously brushed with marinade 10 – 15 minutes before grilling.
Eggplant – cut diagonally or length wise into ½ inch thick slices, thin asian or baby eggplants can be cut in half length wise
Green or firm red tomatoes – cut into ½ inch thick slices
Kumara, potatoes, and pumpkin
– parboil until just tender, then cut into 1 inch thick slices

Special Instructions:
The charcoal should be at the grey ash stage, or adjust grill so heat is medium range. Most vegetables will need 2 – 3 minutes per side, and should be cooked until blackening on outside yet tender on the inside. Cooking times may very depending on the intensity of the fire or height of grill. Can season to taste with a little of any Attitude Foods salt & pepper mixes after cooking.



- 7 tablespoons Attitude Foods Rosemary Infused Balsamic Vinegar
- 20 tablespoons Attitude Foods Lemon or Garlic Infused Olive Oils,
- Attitude Foods Kaffir kick to season.

Any combination of vegetables as listed below: ‘See directions for preparation’.

Courgettes, onions, mushrooms. Eggplant, firm tomatoes, kumara, potatoes, and pumpkin.

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