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Gourmet Salt and Pepper Mixes & Porcini Salt

Attitude Foods - pepper - Kaffir Kick/   I'd like to re-order some Horopito Hit which I bought when visiting Waiheke two weeks ago. I've used it constantly – hence it's run out pretty quickly! I use it in everything, especially simple tuna and pasta salad. It transforms it!
Allison Fairman, another happy customer

Attitude Foods – Kaffir Kick & Horopito Hit
These two gourmet salt & pepper mixes are many a home cooks secret ingredient. We've used New Zealand ingredients wherever possible.

For both mixes we freshly grind the peppercorns; Kaffir Kick has the addition of freshly ground kaffir lime leaves. It's surprising how many leaves go into a mix.

The Horopito used in our Horopito Hit comes from New Zealand's native pepper tree, and is a specialized food grade, that is sustainably hand-picked from NZ native bush.

We use organic New Zealand Sea Salt and round out the mix with sesame seeds. These Gourmet seasonings lift any savoury food and are particularly delicious on BBQ meats. The more we use them the nicer our food gets. Try mixing with flour before dipping fish in then lightly frying.
I like to steam a mix of root veges, add a sprinkle of Horopito Hit, and Attitude Foods garlic infused oil, toss and serve warm. Yummy !

Barbeques with attitude At your next barbeque your family and friends will rave about your Grilled or Barbequed and marinated meats and vegetables. Once you’ve tried these salt & pepper mixes you’ll never go back.

Seafood feast Utalise Attitude Foods naturally flavoured Lime, Chilli, Garlic and Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils to impart succulent flavours and beautiful aroma when grilling, baking, barbequing or frying the many wonderful fresh seafoods available in NZ. Try lime or lime & chilli oil with prawns, garlic or lemon oils with a strong white fleshed fish or NZ Tuna, and the suttle flavour of our Lime Infused Olive Oil with fresh NZ salmon. Team Attitude Foods Infused Olive Oils with our gourmet Salt and Pepper mixes and you cant go wrong.

Attitude Foods - salt/pepper - Porcini salt  

Porcini Salt
Bringing overseas trends to New Zealand, we have created Porcini Salt, made from organic natural sea salt and porcini powder. Use Porcini Salt to add scrumptious flavor and an Italian twist, to any Italian style meal, from spaghetti bolognaise, mushroom risotto, tomato pastas, savory polenta cakes, and egg dishes.

You may enjoy a bowl of steamed mushrooms tossed with a sprinkling of Attitude Foods Garlic infused oil, and porcini salt.

All three Salt and Pepper mixes are available in refill packets and also in attractive, quality made, glass dispensers with wide holed stainless steel shaker lids

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