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Organic Roast Vegetable Spice

Roast veggies are a good old standard.

Adding this brilliant mix of organic seeds and spices, full of the fragrance of coriander and cumin, takes them to a new high.

Winter has never been so good!

Every day food with attitude Roasting Heaven - The sight and smell of a platter of roasted vegetables is well-known to all Kiwis, we love roasts.

Next time you prepare your root veggies for roasting, mix in a handful of Organic Roast vegetable Spice, pair this with a drizzle of one of Attitude Foods exquisitly Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils, cover the dish and place in oven on 180°C to bake until tender. Your family and friends may initially question your sanity but by the end of the meal their plates will be clean.
  Attitude Foods - Roasted Vegetable Spice

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