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Don’t Forget the Sweet Tastes

Mostly Organic Chocolate Sauces Not only are our chocolate sauces all interesting flavours they are also... mostly organic, gluten free and fat free! ‘And, for people with dairy intolerances – they are also dairy free’.
The none organic component/s of our Chocolate sauces are Chelsea golden syrup and the Jaffa chocolate sauce is flavoured with 100% pure orange oil made from the zest of orange skins. All other ingredients used in our chocolate sauces are certified organic.

Three delicious flavors to choose from:
  • Just Chocolate is rich, mouth satisfying and good and chocolaty
  • Jaffa Chocolate is all the above with piquant orange over tones
  • Chilli Chocolate has a chilli zing added to the solid chocolate flavour.
Attitude Foods - Chocolate Sauces
Use Attitude Foods Mostly Organic Chocolate Sauces as dipping sauce with fresh pinapple, strawberries and many other fruits - ‘delish’, whipped into cream and over ice cream, over plain cakes and in desserts.

Brazen Butterscotch Sauce Add a touch of decadence to your dessert dish. This product contains nothing but the best of NZ cream, white sugar, and dollops of butter.
Indulge yourself with Attitude Foods Brazen Butterscotch. This product is full of naughtiness, but made in our usual fashion, it does not contain, artificial flavorings, unnatural preservatives, or food coloring.

We always know when someone tastes Brazen Butterscotch on our Market stall by the "mmmmmm" of pure delight. Moccona coffee may have more mmmm, but Brazen Butterscotch has the most!!

Because we don't use emulsifiers the sauce separates. 15 seconds in the microwave, with the lid off, and a good shake or stir soon fixes that.

Serve brazen Butterscotch warm over apple or pear short cakes and icecream.

Organic Chocolate Pudding Drink
“It’s like a big warm hug” say’s Lukas, Sydney Teenager.
Described in Cuisine Magazine as "...thick, European-style hot chocolate..."

Attitude Foods Organic [and gluten free] Chocolate Pudding Drink is a favourite. It has good cocoa flavour and is not too sweet. This silky treat is made with all certified organic ingredients - organic cocoa powder, organic tapioca flour and organic golden sugar.

Instructions to turn these quality ingredients into a warming winter drink, or bedtime treat are written on the side of packaging.

NOTE: You are able to choose your own milk product, to make and enjoy Attitude Foods Organic Chocolate Pudding Drink. Go the full hog and use rich full cream milk with a touch of cream, choose to use a light milk, or for people with dairy intolerances use no dairy at all. Use soy, almond or hazelnut milk instead.

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