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Rosemary Balsamic Vinegar

This product is heat infused and it does contain white sugar - BUT IT TASTES ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS - in fact it is the most popular product on our market stall. It's so popular we’ve started making 750ml ml bottles.

Made with arm loads of freshly picked Kerikeri hand harvested Rosemary, Italian Balsamic vinegar, and white sugar. The resulting concoction is redolent with rosemary and delicious with dukkah, in salads, splashed onto any cooked meats to caramelize toward the end of cooking, or sprinkled on baked Pumpkin that has been roasted with rosemary.

My partner enjoys this product sprinkled over his poached eggs, and bacon in the morning.

For starters - Appitizers Pair Attitude Foods Organic Dukkah’s – with the beautiful aromas of our Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils and a separate bowl of our ‘hand picked Rosemary’ infused balsamic vinegar ‘which is nectar for the gods’, with a bowl of quality crusty fresh bread – A quick, smart instant nibble to snake on a sunny afternoon or in the evening with pre dinner drinks and wonderful friends

Every day food with attitude Everyone loves the tastes of fried tomatoes, onions, bacon and mushrooms on a Sunday morning with their pouched, fried or scramble eggs – drizzle Attitude Foods ‘hand picked Rosemary’ Infused Balsamic Vinegar over any of these scrummy foods toward the end of cooking and experience this full mouth watering wonder.

Also, try our ‘hand picked Rosemary’ Infused Balsamic Vinegar drizzled over roasted pumpkin or meats to caramalise and infuse those beautiful sweet rosemary aromas and flavours into your meal toward the end of cooking.

Barbeques with attitude Check out our recipe page for our Rosemary Infused Balsamic Vinegar dressing for salads & grilled vegetables and Rosemary Marinated Gilled or Barbequed Pork Fillets

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